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June 9 - 2020

Working with our Singapore partners, AOR and QOR participated in a 4-country study looking at the more personal impacts of COVID-19, and the expected changes in lifestyle and behaviour post 'lockdown'.


Not surprisingly, Australians have had a less traumatic experience overall. But it is interesting to see that the biggest differences between countries are driven by the underlying culture rather than prevalence of the disease itself.






June 9 - 2020

Australian Government's Covid-19

Contact Tracing App

Last month we asked our research panel if they would download the CovidSAFE app, 45% said they would. This month we’ve asked if they have already done so, and the numbers match up - 45% said they have.


28% say they will or might, but with privacy and security as the primary concerns, we wonder if there will really be any more uptake.

May 9 - 2020



Australian Government's Covid-19

Contact Tracing App

The Australian government recently launched a Covid-19 contact tracing app this week, so we asked a nationally representative sample of n=2,148 from our research panel if they would download it, and this is what they told us!

May 12 - 2020

World leaders during Covid-19​


March 24 - 2020

Market research is critical to COVID-19 response


March 24 - 2020

Innovating in challenging times: Research during COVID-19

Doing research during a crisis allows businesses to better predict and prepare for what to do next.. 


April - 2018

QOR ISO Accreditaion

QOR has been independently audited and

re accredited for both ISO26362 and ISO20252. 


April - 2018

QOR Presents - 

Benchmark Industry Study

March 2018. Don't miss out!

Quality Online Research (QOR) secures exclusive rights to Australia Post’s ‘Australian Lifestyle Survey’

July, 2015

The fallacy of big data


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