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Built from Australia Post's panel of respondents that best represents the Australian population in terms of age, gender and geographic location.


QOR Consumer Panel

The QOR Consumer panel has over 85,000 active members profiled on 300+ questions with 4,000+ options. Profiling questions include a variety of sectors including beverages, leisure, shopping, health, money & investments etc.
Whilst we are quality focused, we are also competitively priced ensuring that our clients receive excellent service at the right cost.
The Consumer Panel is regularly compared to Census data and recruitment is adjusted to make sure the QOR Consumer Panel reflects the Australian population.

  • 85,000 active members

  • 300+ profiling questions

  • 4,000+ options


QOR Business Panel

The QOR Business Panel is a separate entity ,with no cross over to our consumer panel.
The QOR Business Panel currently stands at 20,000+ active members.
We profile extensively on firmographics and can target company turnover, Business Owners/Decision Makers as well as business sectors and much more.
The QOR Business Panel is constantly compared to ABS data to make sure it represents the Australian Business Population and we can adjust recruiting targets based on client requirements.
The table below depicts QOR’s Business Panel’s Geographical spread as well as turnover and full time employee size.

  • 20,000+ active members

  • ABS matched to Australian Business Population

  • Geostapial & geographical spread access


Initially recruited from offline sources, working with Australia Post Lifestyle Survey, to best represent Australian population and Australian Business distribution. QOR subsequently purchased the Australia Post panel, and integrated it.
Panels are matched and compared to ABS and ABS Census for weighting purposes Sampling is Census stratified.
We use regular sampling intervals throughout the field period and use regular reminders to give all respondents an equal chance to participate . Geotribes socio-demographic segmentation can be appended to the survey results for each respondent.

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