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  • Programming, Hosting and Sampling

  • Full Service, end to end online fieldwork by QOR Sampling

  • Sampling from QOR quality panels to your hosted survey Surveys on any device

  • Our software renders and optimises to any device Data processing & deliverables

  • All formats, cleaned and ready to go

  • Client Sample, Customer data bases or Subscriber Lists

  • Best practice sampling using QOR panels, or any client list

  • Customised Panels or Online Communities

  • Your own exclusive or proprietary panel of consumer or business customers



Custom built panel management platform and system, locally housed servers


QOR’s survey software is locally designed, developed, server hosted and supported in Sydney NSW,

specifically for the Australian market.

The reliability of local hosting provides further surety for data security and project control.


Sampling methods & options

QOR has research specific processes for blending where you may require multiple panels or client databases.

We ensure randomisation, integrated sampling intervals between sources. -Based on profiling by:

  • Demographics

  • Target Audience or Segments

  • National and representative distribution

  • Any Client catchment areas

  • Any specific geographic requirements



Compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles and relevant industry standards

As members of AMSRO, QOR abides by Australian Privacy Principles by way of Privacy (Market and

Social Research) Code 2014.

QOR also operates under both global ISO20252 and ISO26362 quality systems for Market and Social

Research. QOR also has AMSRO IDSC [ISO 27001 equivalent]

Management are also members of The Research Society and bound by AMSRS Codes and Guidelines.

QOR also abides by the Spam Act 2003.

Management are also members of ESOMAR, abiding by its Code of Ethics.


Managing and building Custom Online Panels

Fluent and streamlined experience in developing custom designed online community panels from 25k+ members

  • Link to companies database and operating system.

  • Manage, design and build programmed projects directly from companies community database.

  • Data exported in custom format to enable instant import into companies main data warehouse.


Invitations Design and Distribution

Developing invitation and reminder templates

QOR customises HTML invites to the Spam Act 2003, global ISO 20252 and ISO26362 standards.

We have developed a series of templates to suit certain types of surveys.

We are experienced in multi-media use in surveys, and creatives for email invitations.

Sending invitations and reminders:

The system can send invitations and reminders en-masse, staggered in batches or in ongoing streams.

Sampling intervals can be pre-set to any desired sampling intervals. Reminders can also be pre-set.


Panel maintenance & management

The QOR panel platform can report on any pre-defined fieldwork diagnostics. Panel members activities are monitored and measured. 
Maintenance and management of members contact details are self-managed by the members having a member login. There would be an online Helpdesk and also a telephone contact number for members. 
Panel members can also be sent customised correspondence, such as various announcements. 
Results of previous studies, polls and seasons greetings. These can be pre-set to specific broadcast requirements.


Incentives & distribution

QOR’s panel platforms automatically manage incentive processes

QOR is licensed with the Gaming Authorities.

Payment should be electronic only – i.e. PayPal cash, e-gift-cards, etc.


Progress reporting

Our system can be customised to sample, to any major survey software.

  • Fieldwork diagnostics can be reported

  • Live survey reporting should can be done by live portal links.

  • These would be provided to QOR for ongoing sample management and any quota management that may be required.

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