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Online Communities

Fluent and streamlined experience in developing custom designed online community panels from 25k+ members

What we do

  • Manage and execute engagement strategy.

  • Build and recruit an initial panel of 25,000 population representative individuals.

  • Programme / enable programming of surveys.

  • Hosting and managing invitation to participate

  • Manage data outputs / analysis and weighting.

  • Manage incentives.

  • Provide regular communication to panels.

  • Provide regular reporting on panel participants, health.

  • Curate and maintain Social Media and brand engagement channels.


Software scope


  • Easily enables teams to script surveys themselves.

  • Streamlined quick export and analysis of data, post surveys.

  • Sync’s database to Adobe Audience Manager DB.

  • Data capture functionality syncs to internal sign on capability,

    to drive sign ups and expand database’s profiles.

  • Conduct online user testing, recording users screens as they complete defined tasks.

  • Provides ability to script surveys, with ability to send to external provider.

  • Easily transfer and sync surveys that are currently setup and scripted.

Consumer experience

High quality to represent your brand.


Customer interface

Intuitive for analysis of data.

Profiling community members

Build rich profile to avoid repeating profile and media usage questions.

Resourcing role

  • Overall programme management

  • Operational management

  • Technology, software, programming, data outputs

  • Ongoing project management, scheduling, sampling

  • Specific project scripting

  • Research design, analysis, support


Service options

  • Customised

  • Off the shelf

  • Narrative 

     - Digital behaviour of panel

     - Combining data sets

  • Market research consulting

Managing and building Custom Online Panels

  • Red Planet (Qantas Frequent Flyer panel - 100k+ members)

  • Managing projects with client databases: - Australia Post, Telcos, Insurance companies

Social Research


  • Dept Communication and the Arts

  • UNSW

  • LaTrobe University

  • Cancer Council NSW

  • UTS


Our offering

Assist in building an online research panel to research your customers and market use of the panel to monetise it

Register and profile panellists, on an ongoing basis.
We host and manage the panel database, programming and emailing Monetise your online community panel.

QOR provides constant support whilst building your panel

  • Use of QOR panel, ‘white labelled’ to supplement sample sizes

  • Drop pixels on QOR survey respondents and tag QOR panel to enable digital targeting of behaviour, linked to questionnaire area

    Research programmes we can assist with include:

  • NPS

  • UX

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Ad Testing
    QOR builds a customer panels to global ISO 20252 and ISO 26362 specifications


Benefits of creating a custom panel

Additional income from user base
but maintaining integrity of panel, by protecting information/privacy

Additional income opportunity for user base
and protecting information if they choose to opt in

Increased access to research using both your panel and QOR's

Interface Demo

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 10.42.36 am.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 10.43.03 am.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 10.43.27 am.png
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