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B R I A N   F I N E

​CEO - Founder

Brian is a leader and innovator in the market research industry, with over forty years of Market and Social research experience.  His credentials include:

  • Research Society Fellow and QPR accredited,

  • Honorary Life Fellow of the International Marketing Institute of Australia,

  • Full member of ESOMAR, and Former Australian representative of ESOMAR for 7 years;

  • Former president of the Council of Marketing Services Associations and Research Associations;

  • Former national chairman of the Market Research Society of Australia for four years and chairman of its NSW Division for two years,

  • Past President of AMSRO (renamed ADIA) and currently on its committee, responsible for Quality Standards, and

  • Current member of the international committee to update the ESOMAR/GRBN quality guidelines.

  • Currently Chair of Quality and Standards ADIA sub-committee, and ADIA committee member.

Specific background in Online Research Innovation & Panels:

  • First in Australia to build quality online panels, including AMR Interactive, the ORU (Online Research Unit), and Quality Online Research (QOR).

  • Tested multiple sources of online recruitment, weighting processes and conducted primary research in Australia to develop ‘propensity’ weighting (by demographics, attitudes and behaviour)

  • Was chairman of the AMSRO Online Research Quality task force which developed and launched QSOAP (Quality Standards for Online Access Panels) and its accreditation system.

Brian is also a leader in the market research industry, including involvement in industry conferences.  Most recently these include:

  • AMSRS Conference paper “AI and Big Data Challenges and Opportunities”

  • AMSRS Conference paper ”How to ensure the quality of the data you collect” (2018) – voted Highly Commended paper

  • AMSRS Conference paper “Need for Speed” (2018)

  • ESOMAR Conference paper “Extracting Meaning and Emotion from Text to Improve Surveys” (2017)

  • AMSRS Conference paper on Machine Learning (2017)

  • AMSRS Conference paper “Digital disruption and the future of data collection” (2016)

  • AMSRS Conference paper on Brand Equity as predictor of Market Share (2015)

  • AMSRS Conference paper on Big Data (2014)

  • Presented papers in 2013/2014 at Mobile Research in Mobile World (MRMW) – Singapore & Chicago

  • Contributor to AMSRS Conference paper on ‘Accessing All People’ (2014)

  • Contributor to The Handbook of Mobile Market Research by Ray Poynter

  • The only Australian invited to contribute in both 2013 and 2014 to the international Research Business Prediction Report.

  • AMSRS Conference paper on Text Analytics (2013) – voted Best Paper

  • AMSRS Conference paper on RFM and Choice Modelling (2013)

  • AMSRS Research News article on ‘Margin of Error’ in Online Studies (May 2013) – see attachment

  • AMSRS Conference paper on Smartphone Research (2012)

  • AMSRS Conference paper in 2009 – voted Best Paper

  • Brian has attended almost every International ESOMAR online conference, and presented papers at five of these, being nominated for best-paper in 2006

  • International Research Conference Report awarded Brian an honorary award for the Outstanding Research Industry Presentation of 2007

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